14 February 2010

String Quilt Top Finished

String Quilt Top Finished, originally uploaded by hardypartyof5.

I have the top finished and I have the back ready to go....I just need the inerds....so, it may be a while. But I promise to update on this and the other 4 I'm working on at the moment. :)


  1. Lovely Nichol! What sort of inerds are your going to use?

  2. I love, love, love this!! The colors are so beautiful!

  3. I love it! and also such a great border around it! With so many colours in the string quilt you culd have chosen anything I think and it would have gone but this looks very nice!

  4. I love the beautiful colors this quilt.and the lay out of this too! Make me think of SPRING! :) Very Nice work on this!


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