03 March 2010

I won!!!

My flickr friend Dena had a couple giveaways on her blog.  She was celebrating her 300th post!  Holy canolli!  I'm way behind that for sure.  Anyway, she did the random generator and I was one of the lucky 4 people who won some fabric!  Here is the gorgeous fabric that I won: 4 half yards of Tea Garden by P&B Textiles.  I really love the richness of these fabrics!  I am stashing them away until I can find something fabulous to use them with! 

She even included a nice note. Thanks Dena!  I love them all!


  1. Congratulations! what a lovely card too!

  2. Look at you with two blogs!! I thinkI'm behind. Oh well. I'm so glad they arrived. Congrats and happy sewing.

  3. Congratulations Nichol! Gorgeous fabrics you scored there!


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