27 August 2010

I can see the end.....

The end to my free time and carefree sewing that is! School officially starts on Monday August 30th and I have a lovely stack of books just waiting for me to read...not to mention papers and tests. So, I've been neglecting my house and sewing like a mad woman all week. (I have to get it in while I can). I have to show you the cutest thing ever! I LOVE hot chocolate....a bit too much. But I came across this fun group on Flickr that makes "Mug Rugs"....so I decided to join and I made one just for fun....this is what I did:

My favorite mug...

I had some extra scraps of this fabric, it's from the FreeSpirit Line.

The back

This mug rug literally took me about 20 minutes to make.....I love making these small things....they are fun and satisfying and FAST! 

Even though school is starting...I just can't stop sewing...so, you'll still see my creations.  *wink* I promise.  :)

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