01 February 2011

all i want to do is sew...

i'm trying to get in the mood, for the fourth time today, to read through my biology lessons. ugh. i tell you, there is a reason i am into english, writing and art. 

anyhow, i am starting today with two new challenges.  this is my first day of the dottie angel challenge, where i pledge to only buy handmade or thrifted items for my house and my closet.  i did have a spectacular find today at a local thrift store....

these were new and still in the box....the best part of it all was it only cost me .99 cents!  now....i'm in search for another set or two...time to change out the old dishes and get something new and fresh, with smaller portion sizes. i love that these bowls and plates are smaller so we won't fill up the plates to capacity each time and over eat.

the next challenge is a craft a day in february.  i decided to do this because i have my dqs10 quilt to finish up, my last two bees that are being neglected tremendously, my old red barn quilt along 9, my urban home goods swap, a quilt that needs to be quilted and three others that need assembling and finishing off. and to top it off, i need to finish assembling my tutorial quilt. **phew** just makes me tired thinking about it.

my three neglected quilts that need assembly.

my dqs10 ready to quilt.

my gorgeous OZ pinwheel quilt waiting for quilting. still not sure if i want to keep the backing fabric to make a skirt and just do a kona solid for the back. decisions decisions..probably why it's not quilted yet.

the rest of my orbc round 9 waiting for the finishing touches.

these two combos will be for my urban home swap..i'm going to make little storage bins...the tutorial is here. aren't they cute?

this beauty is for my tutorial for this quilt that i promised to make.

on top of it all...i have to study for biology and political science...the last of my generals before the fun stuff! wish me luck.  what are you up to this month? and this year?

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