18 March 2011

in search of PYREX....

i went out yesterday in search of PYREX to FOUR local thrift stores and, sadly found nothing! however, i found this lovely casserole dish that looks like PYREX but is really FIRE KING and is similar. i bought it anyway because i just loved the simple design on the side and i think it will look fabulous on my table with some yummy dinner bubbling inside.

i DID however find some REALLY cute vintage sheets.....which i am collecting to make a vintage sheet quilt with......what do you think?  i just loved these two patterns and i have washed them and tucked them away for now.

i thought a couple pillow covers or even a bag would be fun in these patterns.....the possiblities are endless!

what have you done with vintage sheets? i need more ideas!


  1. I think vintage sheets are so pretty. I haven't bought any yet because, well, how do you know which ones are vintage? I think a quilt would be super cute!

  2. Bunting is super cute when made with vintage sheets.


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