14 March 2011

my thrifting find for the week!

i can't begin to tell you how much i just LOVE my local thrift store! i was there on Saturday browsing the books with my son, we found some great ones too by the way, then headed over to the shoes. i saw a friend of mine and she had these lovely gray shoes in her hand. she asked me what my size was and wouldn't you know it, they were just my size. her foot is a small dainty 6 1/2 and these were 8 1/2. so, she asked if i wanted them......i am not as astute when it comes to shoe brands....but she explained to me about these...they are TAHARI.....$200 to $300 a pair.....all mine for the fabulous price of $5!

and hardly even worn by the previous owner!

after this lovely find, i wandered over to the boots and spotted some rain boots for my youngest...we use them for fishing since we get very little rain here in the Mojave Desert.....this is what he was planning on wearing to church yesterday!

fortunately i talked him out of it and he wore his black shoes.

did you find anything good this week?

1 comment:

  1. Ohhhh I am jealous!
    It is gorgeous.
    You'll be steping on clouds...
    Enjoy it


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