23 March 2011

my baby is home!

i bet you thought i was talking about one of my boys....nope. this has been the LONGEST 2 weeks of my life. my lovely girl is finally back home, fresh and shiny again! can't you hear the sparkling *BING* in the room? after moving my sewing room to a bigger space in the house, painting it and organizing it....she finally is settled in where she belongs. oh how i've missed her.....the only other lady in the house.  even Henry the hamster is a boy.

doesn't this corner just look happy now? oh i think it does....it's nice to look over and see her sitting there waiting for me to use her again. 

and FINALLY i bought some new needles! i was down to my last quilting needle...

and....i'm SUPER embarassed at what they cleaned out of my lovely girl. no wonder i was having problems. i promised my girl to never neglect her again! i will clean her out after each quilt.

please don't judge me.

1 comment:

  1. lol it reminds me of a cat and how it coughed up a hairball. Love the sewing corner.


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