24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

 Yesterday was a fun day....we attended an Easter celebration with our chruch family and the kids had a great time. We had breakfast in the park with our church and then enjoyed the egg drop......it was pretty fun. However, I would love to share with you all what Easter is to us.

then of course we had to make brightly colored eggs.....even if it means eating hard boiled eggs for a week. (they are good for you anyway)

What lovely colors.

I love the glitter.....pretty fun.

But the real reason for this wonderful Easter morning is because the Savior was resurrected.


I love this picture....Christ spoke with Mary after she discovered his body was missing. I know this is a quilting and crafting blog, but I cannot let this day go without sharing my love for my Savior. Let us all remember what Easter is really all about.

Happy Easter!

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  1. Happy Resurrection day to you and your family Nichol! May Gods blessings always be poured out upon your home.......


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