13 April 2011

how many books had you read by the age 11?

 My son's school was having crazy activities all week (a few weeks ago) and one day they had to wear shirts that had words on them....they counted each word to see which classroom had the most. Well, I told him that we should write down every book he's read on the front and that should give us a lot of words....little did I know, he'd read so many we had to make a second column.

Here's something to ask yourself: how many books had you read by the time you were 11?

front view

side view: on the left the list continued.

on the right is what he wants to read today

His total word count for his shirt was 824! Not bad!


  1. Impressive! The love of reading is such a gift. I didn't see The Mysterious Benedict Society on his list - it's a goody!

  2. This is fantastic! And I have to tell you I saved pictures so I can go through and find books for my son! :-) We're not quite up to some of the selections, but I'm sure he's probably ready for many. Love good book recommendations! Thanks!



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