16 May 2011

Something sweet...to help me along

I don't know about you, but I love chocolate....and I really love Almond Joy....but I never buy them much. It could be because I just don't or because ..... well, I don't know. But I discovered the greatest thing ever! These little pieces are so perfect and fit in my sewing desk out of view from my candy eating boys (husband too)!!  You have GOT to try these....they taste just like the candy bar but in smaller pieces.

This weekend I worked on several projects that have been sitting by the way side.....I have two quilts ready to be quilted, one is my cute owl throw the other is a commission piece I did for a friend for her grand baby. The next project I was doing was the assembly of all the patch blocks from THIS post.

Here are my two quilts pinned and ready to quilt....this week!

And, to stay true to the "process" pledge I am finally finishing my blocks for the above mentioned tutorial! Instead of using only 9 blocks for the front and the remaining FQ's for the back, I'm making blocks out of all the FQ's....I'm hoping to get 20....stay tuned. So in this first photo (I should've moved my computer) I have some of the pieces laid out ready to assemble.

Next, I have the pieces sewn and just waiting to assemble them into the blocks

And here are my stack of original 9 blocks....I should get 20 when it's all said and done. I found some of this fabric online at the Fat Quarter Shop so I'm buying that for the back and binding...this should be a gorgeous quilt when it's done! The colors are so lovely and cheery!

Now, go make something fun today!

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