03 June 2011

Charity Quilting = Fun Quilting

We started today! Four of us got together today to cut, sew and assemble.....and talk and laugh and eat too! We had so much fun assembling these blocks and quilt tops! There is still so much work to do, but I am so glad it wasn't a one woman show! We made mostly 9 patch blocks because we had so many random fabrics donated, so we thought that scrappy would be fun! And it really turned out great.

I asked Alicia to stand next to it so you could get an idea of how big the quilts need to be. This one measures 70" x 90" and it is so fun! We tried to be random and didn't like it so we made a diamond in the middle...isn't it cool? My favorite part of this picture are the cute little feet behind the quilt top!

Here is it head on.

I didn't include myself in any pictures because .... well, a ponytail and no makeup with sewing all day..... not a pretty site. Anyway, hope you enjoy this first post of where the fabric is going!

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