11 July 2011

DQS11...let the sewing begin!

Idea #2 for DQS11 by HardyPartyof5
Idea #2 for DQS11, a photo by HardyPartyof5 on Flickr.
So the Doll Quilt Swap 11 has just begun and I made the cut! Wahoo! I love making these Doll Quilts! For me, I hang them on my wall in my sewing room and I get to enjoy them everyday!

Since I'm busy making 2 commission quilts and setting up my business, I decided that I should do something scrappy! So, I am making a smaller version of my string quilt that I made last year! This is going to be so fun! The harderst part is keeping it under 18 inches.

What do you think?

Via Flickr:
Scrappy strings.....any thoughts?

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