08 November 2011

We have a new BABY!

We have a new addition to our house...or should I say garage! Some wonderful friends who are practically family, had a '74 Super Beetle that has been sitting in their garage for quite a few years. Let me enlighten you about the story behind this Beetle: My husband had a best friend named Marcus and they were inseperable from age 4, even after Marcus moved again because his dad was military. This car was Marcus' and he loved this car. At the age 15, almost 16, Marcus died suddenly and tragically. This car represented Marcus and it meant a lot to his parents.

A few months ago they called my husband and told him they wanted to give it to him. We shipped it to our home and it now is nestled in our garage. This lovely beetle needs a little work because it's been sitting for quite a few years, but we have been working on it every weekend slowly. I am happy to see we have started it and it has run for a few seconds....and oh that engine purrs! :)

This car is our project right now and guess who gets to drive it....ME!

This is usually where my fabulous husband is on Saturdays.

I'm in LOVE!

Original Glass Lights!

Needs a good wash and wax, but oh it's pretty!

And this is where I sit...

My whole life I wanted one of these things.....I only get to drive it from about September to April because it has no A/C and we live in Las Vegas for heavens sake.....it's hot and the kids need to be in a cool car! But that's okay because I am going enjoy it. Oh and this is the car I'm driving to Women's Conference in April...all the way to Provo, Utah baby! Now, tell me who doesn't want to go with me?


  1. Me , me, me !!! I want to come!!! If only I could sigh..... Have fun!!

  2. I learned to drive on a blue Bug. My very favorite car!!!! It was so forgiving to teenage drivers. I loved that car. How fun for you.

  3. Oh lucky you - that's my total dream car. What a lovely tribute to Marcus!

  4. I'm in for the road trip!!! Oh, wait, how do I get from South Carolina to you.... LOL Lucky you, and how wonderful that you will give a special car a good home!

  5. Wow, that seems like a pretty great gift! You guys have a lot of work to do for it, considering the age. However, it's one of those things that are quite enjoyable, no? Taking care of an automobile like that so it could run properly again is very satisfying.

    -Erwin Calverley


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