10 December 2011

Mini Nativities....

Today's post is going to be all the miniature Nativities that my mom in law owns. They are all so cute and there really isn't any special story about them, only that she has collected them over the years. I think they are all so precious and each has a unique look and feel to it.

This one is so sweet. I love the little lamb, I think he is my favorite part about this set.

This one is sweet with the angel holding a heart.

This one has several pieces and looks like it could be from Germany, but she can't remember where she bought this one. I love how they all have a softer look and feel to them.

The set is attached inside the Manger that has a lid on it for packing. I have to admit that this little lamb is so precious too! Look how he looks up at Joseph. 

Very eastern European and oh so small.

This one is so precious and delicate. I love the simplicity of it.

Each one of these is no bigger than 6 inches high. It's very fun to see them scattered throughout the house this time of year.

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