05 December 2011

The Nativity My Husband Remembers....

This gorgeous Nativity was purchased in Hong Kong in 1970. (In case you were wondering, they lived in Hong Kong for several years.) Each piece was individually picked out and made into a set by my in-laws. The cool thing about this one is they used to display them on the fireplace and string up lights for the star and the angel to hang. My husband remembers them on the fireplace every Christmas growing up. The Manger is a new edition, she found it at Costco a few years ago and it was the perfect size for the pieces.....it was meant for them!

Here is another view of this gorgeous set.

Isn't this manger fantastic? And Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus just warms my heart!

Wonderful memories...

1 comment:

  1. Lovely set....I particularly like the back wall of the stable looking like stone, and the little window. Little touches like that add so much charm!


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