31 December 2011

New Year Projects

It's been crazy around here with the Holidays wrapping up! I had the opportunity to quilt a gorgeous quilt for a customer and it was fabulous! She actually did two of them and I'm getting ready to quilt the second one too! She paper pieced this beauty and this has inspired me to take a paper piecing class so I can learn this skill. I have a lot of goals for the New Year and this is one of them...to take more quilting classed to improve my quilting skills. Another one is to run a half marathon this year.

 And if the front isn't fabulous enough....check out the back of this quilt!


So, besides the quilting, I have been working on another project. This project is a special one! My Grandpa pasted away on the 4th of December and I took as many shirts and pants as I could so that I could make some memory quilts for some people in the family. This is what I cut so far and I am trying to use as much of my Grandpas clothes as possible. The only part that won't be his clothing is the backs of each quilt. I modeled each quilt out of one I quilted for a customer.

Below you'll see the "sashing" I'm using for each quilt....all cut from Grandpa's jeans.

This is only 2/3 of the pile I have cut! These are all from his shirts.....and it's going to be awesome!!

These are from his painters pants and I will add some from a white shirt and a red checkered shirt as well.

This is my inspiration for the quilts I am making....cool huh?

I'm super excited for these quilts to be made....I'm almost ready to assemble them....only a few more 2 1/2 inch squares. So, see the blue squares in this quilt? That will be my small white and red checked ones, the white sashing will be the jeans and the shirts are the centers. I think it's going to be awesome! Stay tuned for the updates on these.....
Till then.....

Happy New Year!!


  1. I'm so sorry about your grandfather's passing, Nichol. I lost mine over twenty years ago and still miss him and think of him often.

    Your family is so lucky that you are willing and able to make these very special quilts for them in your grandfather's memory. I'm sure he'd be very proud of you!


  2. Your comfort quilts are going to do just that, bring comfort to the loved ones who will receive them. I'm sorry for your loss. How great your plan is! I have a couple more I need to make.
    Happy New Year! :-}pokey

  3. I'm so sorry that you lost your grandfather. My grandma passed away two years ago and I still miss her terribly. Your quilts are going to honor his memory - what a wonderful gift to your family.


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