02 February 2012

Round Robins and such.....

I must tell you that I am super excited for the two Round Robin groups I'm doing this year! You can join too HERE! Anyone is welcome and we will have several ongoing.....come join us.

Anyway, I wanted to give you a sneak peek of what I'm considering for the two I have in my hands at the moment.....tell me what you think of the fabric choices...

To start off this is the starter block for the first one....isn't it smashing?

Here is some of the fabric I pulled from my stash to add to this starter block. I know the colors are gray and yellow, but we can add what we think would compliment it.....

Here is an up close and personal shot of the fabrics..... don't they just say "YES" to you?

Now the next one is from my "free-form" group. These handbags are just CUTE!!! And Jenny said that they would be hanging on the wall in her girls room.....oh the possibilities!

So, I pulled some girlie fabrics out and this is what I was thinking....since it's kind of scrappy and all. I may add or take away, I'm just sayin....it's kind of a secret too! 

I love the big bold fabrics....what do you think?

I am making progress, I just pulled these out tonight and will get started this weekend......


  1. Loving your fabric selections! It will be fun to see how these progress! :)

  2. A lovely selection of fabrics :) the handbags look so good, a nice addition to a girls room :)


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