03 April 2012

One memory quilt finished....

But let me start from the beginning.....my grandpa past away in December and after living 91 years on this earth, he had accumulated a LOT of stuff.....I took a ton of his shirts and pants so that I could make quilts for some family members......I cut 9.5" squares from each shirt as you see here:

Next I took a shirt he had that was white and red checked and cut up 2.5" squares (this shirt reminded me of his table cloth that he ALWAYS had on his table for as long as I can remember) And the white squares are a pair of painters pants. (he was a painter)


For the sashing I used his jeans....this looks awesome but is WAY hard to keep it flat when quilting....but it's SO grandpa!

Before I get to the quilting of this first one, I have to tell you that all the cutting above and ironing on of the interfacing took a LONG time! And, since my grandpa smoked since he was 12, my iron is kind of ruined from the tar....but, it was a good cause....right?

This photo I'm about to show you is pretty cool I think. I just did a basic stipple because I had to make sure the puckers weren't too bad. This picture is awesome though, because if you look at the solid blue square you'll see paint....this was from a sweatshirt he used to wear while working.....cool huh?

Here it is finished...almost, just need to sew on the binding.

Here is the front of this quilt. This one is for my cousin who took care of my grandpa the last 12 years because he was the only one that lived in the same town. Something special for one of my favorite cousins! :)

I have a few more to make, but they will come along slowly because I really wanted to finish this one for my cousin. What do you think?


  1. Love em! Ya done good Buttercup!

    1. Thanks Gina!!! That means so much coming from you!

  2. What a great gift and wonderful memory of a very special person! A labour of love!

  3. You do amazing work! I love the idea behind this! What a beautiful momento!

  4. This is incredible. I would have never thought to do something like this. I am sure your cousin will love it.

  5. What a great way to remember Good ol' Grandpa! I think it looks really nice!



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