17 September 2012

My Quilt top is home!!

 I don't know if you remember seeing a few posts regarding this quilt top, but it is finally home! This group was a round robin, well more of a "Bee Free Bee's" round robin. We had complete creative liberty to add what we wanted to for each round that came our way. This is what arrived in my mail box today!!! I love it! 

Originally I wanted to make it a baby quilt, cause I was thinking I would get a girl this time, but since I am having my fourth (and last) boy, I am going to quilt it and display in my studio! Isn't it so cheerful and divine? It is just so fresh I love staring at it! Each round has a unique touch to it and it has made this all the more fun.

When the signups came up again, I had to, sadly, turn the next round down because I will be having my baby right when we start, and I didn't think that would be fair to make someone wait right off the bat for their top. I didn't want to delay anything. So, I am going to do round 3 for sure! It's a the Flickr group Around the Bend and Across the Pond !! I highly recommend joining and doing this because you not only get a fabulous quilt, but you will make life long friends too!

I'm going to add a border around this and then quilt it up. Since I've been taking Angela Walters Free Motion quilting class online, I am going to use some of those techniques to fill it in.....can't wait to show you! Stay tuned for this finished project. 

Till then.....create on!

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