19 September 2012

My special surprise!!

The ladies in my round robin group secretly made me a baby quilt!! They each made a square or two and sent them to one lovely person (Dee) and she put them all together and quilted it for me! Isn't it so awesome?? They did an "I Spy" type theme where there is something different in each square that the baby can search for! I was so surprised that it brought me to tears! It was so unexpected and I know that I am truly blessed to have wonderful people in my life....no matter how close or far they live from me. :)

This is the back! It's an "Around the World" theme, since we were all located in different parts of the country and world. This quilt is so special and I know that it will be with me forever! 

The label (not shown) is so fabulous because it has each person and where they are in the world! I didn't share because of personal information, but look how cute the corner label is that Dee added....I do believe this quilt was stitched with love! I'm so very moved by their kindness and generosity! Thanks again ladies!!!

Love you all!!


  1. What a really sweet idea. You have a wonderful quilt to remember your friends by!

  2. What a treasure....quilters are the nicest people!!


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