25 October 2012

Deb Karasik was in the house!

Deb Karasik doing a trunk show for the Desert Quilters

 Have you ever seen something amazing that someone else has created and thought..... "There is NO WAY I could ever do that!" ?? Well, that is how I felt as I sat amongst the 300+ quilters at the Desert Quilters Guild meeting. This was my first time there and I mostly went because Deb Karasik was going to be doing a trunk show and I wanted to see her quilts. I took many on my phone then they kept coming....so I pulled out my point and shoot (sorry for the lower quality photos) because I didn't think of taking my DSLR...big DUH!

As her husband was showing off all these quilts I began to really feel inadequate in my quilting skills. I mean REALLY inadequate. I kept looking around at all the OLD ladies there and thinking.....I just don't fit in here. But I was blown away by every single new quilt that came out. I learned that she paper pieces everyone of her quilts....I can do that! And she designs them on EQ7....I can do that! (I have that program after all) I started to get inspired and the inadequate feelings began to leave me a little bit at a time. 

You see, I love my Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild.....I feel like I fit there. At the Desert Quilters, not so much. But I was so glad I decided to go. I have a few photos of some of her quilts to show you....hope you enjoy them. And, I think it's time to start paper piecing......what do you think?


Aren't they stunning? This one is the back of the previous photo and I had to take it because I love how you can see her quilting. She said she uses anything that looks pretty! I like that.....I understand some people are a one thread type person, but I have several different kinds and I like using what works best. 

Deb also said she never washes any of her quilts (probably because of showing) and she only uses a specific black color. But, I am inspired.....I want to learn paper piecing.....now!


  1. I can see where that would be intimidating....but girl, you do so belong! LOL All of us are at different stepping stones on the pathway, and it's the joy of creating that counts! :)

  2. These quilts are great and awesome!!!

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  3. Paper piecing is easy... I can teach you sometime. :) It takes more time, but the points are so pretty! :D

  4. This is great - I'm just checking out some of your blog posts. I was there that night, too! Too bad we didn't know each other then, you could have sat with me. :-) I took Deb's classes that weekend and she was fantastic!!


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