11 January 2013

BQ3 Quilts

BQ3 Butterflies

BQ3 Space

This December I was hired to make these two beautiful quilts for my friends grandchildren. I picked the BQ3 pattern because it was fun and you could lay it out in so many ways! These two were the same pattern but I laid them out differently so that the kids wouldn't feel they had the same quilt. They were so fun to do and it was down to the wire in the end because of how crazy December had been.

In my haste to get these sent to her, I forgot to take pictures of them all bound and completed. Don't you think they turned out pretty cool? I may have to make more with this pattern.

Thankfully, both kids LOVED their quilts! Phew....a job well done.

Next up on my agenda...scrapy trip around the world! What about you?

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