22 April 2013

White Cloud Diaper Event and Review!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of White Cloud Diapers.
I have to tell you about my first sponsored event I attended last week! It was really fun and I was able to meet other mom bloggers in the area. I do have to tell you that before the event I received my sample of the White Cloud Diapers for my little one and I was intrigued by them because they have the line on them like another major brand does to show you if your little one has a wet diaper. But I LOVE that these White Cloud Diapers don't have a mesh material in them so they don't stick to his bottom like the other brand does. I really like these diapers and to be honest, I will buy them for my little guy. 
This event was so much fun! Carolina of 30 Minute Crafts and Always Expect Moore was the host of our event. She did a fabulous job and I have to tell you it was a learning experience too! I learned that the White Cloud Diapers that Wal-Mart sells have extra stretchy tabs and they fit a little bigger than other brands. I like this feature because he didn't have any "blow outs" as I have experienced when the diaper is too small. Sizes Newborn, 1 & size 2 feature an extra soft quilted inner liner that will help keep messes under control. This is a bonus for me because it's less messy laundry to do. Also, White Cloud Newborn, Size 1 & size 2 early stage diapers feature a wetness indicator that changes color to help parents know when the baby needs to be changed. 
During our event we played two games which were hilarious! We had to guess which food was in the diapers....and these foods looked like messed diapers! Then we had to suck water from a bottle. That was so tough! There were many of these same events happening all over and at each event one lucky blogger would walk away with a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag! It was so very cute! Samantha of Your Golden Ticket blog was the lucky winner of the Petunia Pickle Bottom bag. She was so excited!! It was as much fun watching her win as attending the entire event! 
I am happy that they are fragrance free and hypoallergenic because my boys have such sensitive skin and diapers have been a problem in the past. We had no problems with these the entire week we tried them out. I'm going to be buying White Cloud Diapers for sure! I love that they are affordable and help with my family budget. I'm all about staying on budget and keeping my shopping bill down. You should check them out! I highly recommend them!

Here we are at the start of the event!
#WhiteCloudDiapers event
Here I am showing you the size 2 diaper. The wetness line is available on the size Newborn, 1 and 2. (I spy some toes!)

The table display was so cute! 

#WhiteCloudDiapers event

This display of all the sizes was so cute and was in the center of the room!

#WhiteCloudDiapers display

Tweeting and Instagramming the event!

Samantha from Your Golden Ticket wins the bag!

Samantha from Your Golden Ticket Blog
Carolina showing how stretchy the tabs are! 

#whiteclouddiapers are soft and stretchy


Trying to empty a bottle is harder than it looks

Petunia Pickle Bottom bag on display!

Diapering can be one of the biggest expenses in a family’s weekly budget and a great performing diaper is a must-have for parents. In order to make this affordable, Wal-Mart has reintroduced their premium line of White Cloud diapers to address the needs of today’s busy parents.
White Cloud Diapers provide your baby the highest quality diaper with superior leakage protection, exceptional softness and great fit. White Cloud Diapers are available exclusively at Walmart, where you can find low prices everyday on all your family’s needs. Check them out today!
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of #WhiteCloudDiapers.


  1. Wonderful photos!

  2. Wow! Such a lovely baby stuff! Specially I like a table with food! It looks so fresh and tasty.

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