29 August 2009

My finished Quilts!

Here are some close up shots of the quilts! I am not a pro, but I really love my first quilts ever! I am sure I will only improve each time. What a fun experience this has been. I can't wait to start my new project! Wonky Log Cabin quilt for CJ! (Christmas present) I'm actually going to make one for each boy. Phew!
I love the quilting on the back of this one! It flows so nicely! And the binding really pops! But it also adds something to this quilt that I didn't expect!
This is the front of the quilt. It took me a while to quilt this one, but I am so happy with it!
Jared wanted the batting to be fluffier on this one, so I only quilted it on the zig zag lines. It's puffy and fluffy! Just how he likes it. :)

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