31 October 2009

Christmas arrived on Halloween this year!

Well, Christmas has come early this year! My DH loves me so much that he let me get my new baby before Christmas morning! Now, I won't have anything to open on Christmas morning....but WHO CARES!!!! I have my sewing machine and I already knew I was getting it anyway! Here is my new baby!

I started playing with it and I just couldn't stop! It was hard to pull myself away just to blog this entry for you all! It is SO quiet and does so many things I will be up late with this puppy!! Cynthia's didn't have the free-motion quilting foot, so I'll pick that up next week, but I did get 10 extra bobbins and a package of needles with my purchase! And a cute hand made bag for my cord and foot peddle.

My sewing and quilting has just begun!

HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ME!!! (and Happy Halloween too!)


  1. WhooooHoooo Nichol!! A new baby in the house...and pink too!:) That is just wonderful that you were able to get it now....just think of all the Christmas presents you can make!
    I have been making wonky stars and log cabin squares with xmas fabric. I am going to make them into runners and table toppers....they will be good pratice for bigger things and different patterns.
    Can't wait to see your boys' quilts all done!:)
    Happy Xmas to you!!:)

  2. Merry Christmas :) So happy you went and got it!! Can't wait to see what you make first!

  3. Well, you can find something else to put in that little extra bag, Nichol, because I predict you won't be putting that machine away for a long, long time!

    Congratulations and have fun learning your new machine, it's a beauty!

    And Yay for husbands who love their wives!

  4. Yahoo, Nic!! Your house is going to be manky with the lack of housework as you play!! Heh-heh.

  5. Fantastic Nichol!! I am sooo pleased for you! Hope you have great fun this weekend breaking it in!


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