11 November 2009

Up to my eyeballs in Projects!

Hello everyone and happy fall!!! I am up to my eyeballs in projects and I have 6 weeks to get them all completed! I have 2 quilts folded and ready to quilt...and I'm starting the 3rd one this week. I also have 1 cute throw to quilt and 3 other quilt tops to assemble. HOLY SMOKES!!!!

I ask myself, how did this all happen? Well, now that I have some spare time on my hands.....well, I suppose that is the answer.

I decided to try out the ORBC round 1 on my own and this is what I have now...I used the vintage fabric I have just to see how this was made. I like the pattern and I think I will try it again with some fun fabrics.

And here you will see the stars that I have been making with the same vintage fabrics. I decided that I might as well get some practice in before I spend the pretty pennies on the yummy fabrics. Both of these will be presents for family members for Christmas....if I can get them all done. If not, they'll get them later. :)

Here you see a block I did for one of the quilting bees I am a part of on flickr.com. I will be sending this back to Katrina tomorrow.

And here you'll see the 3 that are basted and ready for quilting. I just got my free-motion quilting foot yesterday and I was practicing.....boy, I need to practice more. Hopefully it will all turn out okay.

I'm pretty happy with my progress so far......I am looking forward to finishing all these projects so I can make some of my own. I just love all the creative stuff that is flowing in and out.

Speaking of creative.....my 10 year old son wants to make his own quilt now. So, I had him draw up his idea on paper and we cut out the pieces. Next, I am going to show him how to piece it together. More updates on this project later!

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  1. What is it about kids wanting to sew? And isn't it great! My 7 year old was making (with help) tiny dolly quilts for her friends' Christmas the other night. SO cute to see her getting excited!


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