25 January 2010

A Great Deal!!!

I absolutely LOVE a good deal!  I went to Joann's on Saturday to get myself a new Olfa blade and much to my dismay they were all gone.  I really need a new one because I have made 6 quilts with my one blade and it's very dull...makes cutting my string quilt blocks a little difficult.  Anywho....I was browsing and found out that all the Simplicity patterns were on sale for .99 cents!  WOW!  I wasn't going to browse since it was late and I had my little helper with me, but I walked past a display of purse patterns and well, I couldn't resist.....this is what I got:

I am going to attempt my first purse really soon!  I just need to find the extra time...in between my quilting adventures!  I love a good deal!



  1. Bargain!!!! There's some beauties there - have fun creating!

  2. Amazing! Lucky you!! Hope you get some time to do one. Looking forward to seeing it!


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