25 June 2010

Time to VOTE!!!

Hello everyone out there!!! It's time to take a vote. You may be asking yourself..."what is she talking about?" Well, let me tell you. I have 2 blogs! Yes, TWO....talk about over-extended. I love them both, but I only want one. SO...that being said. I am taking votes! Leave a comment below as to which one I should KEEP. I'm leaning toward this one, but I am not sure. This is why I need all of the help I can get. So, please tell me........do you prefer

Hardy Party of 5


Collee's Creative Side


  1. Well since we're quilting peeps I only follow this one. BUT I sure would love if you had your family stuff on here too! I love getting glimpses into people's lives through blogs and I love following both aspects ... family and creative.

  2. I'm with Baileygirl5. It's nice to see a little bit of family life so why don't you combine them both.

  3. You can probobly GUESS what I think! I like all in one. Maybe with a new name... business meets personal:)

  4. It seems like you post on this one a lot more. Keep the one that you use the most.


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