15 July 2010

I Love Pinwheels

Okay, today was very productive!  Instead of cleaning my house, I got all caught up on my sewing.  I did several blocks for 3 different quilting bees and finally assembled 2 out of 3 pinwheel quilt tops!  I love how these 3 turned out!  What do you think?  (this post has been edited...I added the picture of the third one)

I'm in love with all three of these lovely quilts!  I think they are perfect for a small child or baby.  Now, I just have to quilt them....my favorite part!  Stay tuned for the finished product!


  1. I love the pinwheels with sashing. Looks great.

  2. Hey Nichol - I missed that you set up a new blog - this is great. I love your pinwheel quilts. The colour combos are fabulous. I had the most fun making my little pinwheel quilt - aren't they fun blocks?


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