14 July 2010

Projects in the works

I have 5 quilts in the works right now!  (well, 6 actually) I know, crazy huh?  But, I kind of cheated....I enlisted some help from a few of my quilting bees to assemble some of my blocks!  I am loving what is coming back to me in the mail!  Let me give you a quick peak at what is going to be assembled in the very near future!  Here is the first one:
I just let everyone be free with their design because to me this fabric just screams creative essence.  I haven't received all my blocks back yet, but what I have I LOVE!  I asked them all to send back any leftover fabric so I could make more blocks and I still have a ton! I'm sure I could make a nice size quilt with what I have left.  This will be a Christmas gift for my DH...but Shhhhhh don't say anything!  :)

Next on the list of assembly is this lovely:

and of course, I have a sack of left over fabric to assemble more as well!  I had all these random fabrics and thought a log quilt would really make them all sparkle!  This one is a Christmas gift for a lovely person...so once again....Shhhhhhhh!  Don't say anything!

And of course, my lovely pinwheels that we made over at the Old Red Barn Quilt Along on Flickr.  These I will make with white sashing and they will be fabulous! 

And my next beauty is another form of pinwheel that will be made entirely of OZ by MODA.  I love this fabric and I have enlisted my friends over at the Rosey Little Bee to help me out!  Fabric is out, and now the wait begins!  But this is what I will get back:

If you noticed I said 6....I want to make what JayBirdQuilts did in the July/Aug edition of the Fon's & Porter Love of Quilting.  I need to buy more of the fabric, I don't have it all yet, but I will!  Can't wait!
So, now you know what kind of a person I am....someone who takes on way too much at a time!  But, I love it! 

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