03 September 2010

A Little Indulgance

I just LOVE fabric!  In fact, I am kind of addicted to great fabrics.  However, since I am super busy with school, my LQS is closing down and I'm saving for a DSLR.....I just can't afford to go shopping for it anymore.  I must be honest though, I'm not a very good saver.  It's my downfall.  I just love cute fabric and when I see it I spend my pennies.  I have a solution however.  Some of you might say this isn't a solution at all, but I assure you it is!  Let me explain....  hee hee....  I joined the Moda Bake Shop Free Spirit FQ Club.  It's once a month and I get 12 FQ's and I don't leave my house.  I will actually spend LESS this way and I get lots of cute fabric that just isn't available at any QS here in town.  This gives me $50 extra each month to save for my DLSR.  It's a solution in my book.  :)  Want to see what I received today in the mail?? 

It's Gypsy by Felicity Miller for Free Spirit!  12 FQ's!!!  I love it!


  1. How fun to have a package of new fat quarters arriving each month! I would be tearing out to that mailbox in anticipation every day. You've got me thinking .....

  2. My brain is in pain trying to figure out what a DSLR is?


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