07 September 2010

I received the MOST awesome mini swap ever!!!

I can't believe how fabulous this mini is!!!!  I feel like such an inadequate looser....mine I sent my partner is NO WHERE near this caliber and I am afraid that she will hate it.  Maybe I shouldn't do anymore of these, because this is SOOOO awesome!  I am in a group over at Flickr and it is called Mini QT Swap.  We do swaps every 2 months and get assigned partners.  We also pick which category we want to do and the rest is history.  So, the themes to choose from were "Book" or "Anything Goes".  We did book....and this is what I got!  My favorite book of all time is The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas.  Check out this fantastic mini:

I mean, this is amazing!  Mine is SO lame....I need to improve my creating skills with fabric for sure.  Isn't this fabulous??!!

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