12 September 2010

My DQS9 Quilt arrived!!!

I'm the luckiest person ever!!!!  Look at this beautiful doll quilt I received from Sheree!  The coolest part about these lovely fabrics she used.....I gave her my opinion and she went with the ones I loved rather than her original idea!  How cool is that?  I mean, I actually commented on the fabric that she used.  For those of you who are thinking...."um, okay?"  The whole point behind the Doll Quilt Swap (DQS9) 9 because that is how many the group has done....you don't know who has YOU!  It's a surprise till it arrives in the mail!  So, not only did I get this gorgeous quilt, but I got the cutest tote bag to match...for when I'm buying all my fun fabrics and some FQ's of fabric!  I am just loving it!  I already have a place on the wall it is going to hang....right over our dresser!  Lots of white wallage going on there and that needs to be remedied quickly!  I just love it!  Thanks Sheree...... :)  Oh, and check out her fabric store! 

                                            Here is the front :

Here is the back!  Check out her fabulous quilting!

Isn't it the most lovely doll quilt you've seen?  I just LOVE IT!


  1. This is lovely Nichol, I saw it at Sheree's before she sent it. I am glad you told me about this blog as i was clearly following the wrong one! Situation remedied!

  2. This is wonderful.... super duper cute!


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