04 October 2010

I am Truly Humbled....

A while back, Dana from the Old Red Barn Co on Flickr asked if anyone would be willing to quilt some PINK quilts for Team Tiara, a breast cancer foundation.  I wanted to be part of that and immediately chimmed in.  About a week or so later, I received a box of 28 quilt blocks to assemble.  Well, 28 isn't quite enough, so I made 2 more to add making it 30 blocks total.  I laid it out on the large tables, rearranged it, then rearranged it some more until I was completely satisfied with the end result.  Well, I then had the task of quilting it...which I just love doing.  My poor quilting gloves gave up the ghost though, that reminds me I need to buy some more.  It turned out beautiful!  It was just gorgeous and I loved the end result!  The quilt was sent back to D'Lyn to have photographed, with several other quilts, for an 18 month calendar.  I have one, and plan on buying a few as gifts.  I recommend it!  Go here to buy one. 

I just found out today that this lovely quilt sold on Saturday at auction for a wonderful cause, for $1200!!  That is so fantastic!!  And, I was just checking out the blog and it appears this quilt has the biggest following!  WOW!  So cool!  Are you dying to see the quilt???  Well go here to see the blog entry....below are my pictures of it before I sent it off.......

Laid out just after assembly.

Finished...binding and all!

Folded on a chair. 

The picture on the blog and calendar are stunning!  And to add to it...there is an Old Red Barn in the back!  Go check it out!  Have a fabulous day!


  1. Love this! Love the design, love the colors! Love it...

  2. Nichol, it's beautiful! I didn't realize until today you also have an autistic child~we quilter's are a good bunch!


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