15 October 2010

Three in a Box

I love this pattern!  It was in the Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting July/August edition.  Julie from Jaybirdquilts designed it.  I couldn't resist!  I bought as much of the line "make life by Sweetwater for Moda" that my LQS had and went to work.  I did add 2 fabrics that aren't from the line, just so I could have a little more color.  I don't understand why with some lines, the LQS will only order from the same colors...yellow and green.  Anyway, I love this quilt and it's for a new baby that is coming...... :)  Unfortunately, I forgot to use my walking foot so I'm actually annoyed at the quilting job I did, but all in all, I'm satisfied with the end result.  What do you think? 

                                                                 The Front and Back

                                          The fabulous binding!

The label


  1. I think I love it! The binding is just perfect :)

  2. i think it looks great! and i love the rolled up photo too - very cool-


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