03 January 2011

Doll Quilts, Swaps with Pork and ORBC supply lists......

I am so excited to see if I get into the DQS10.....round 9 was so much fun!  I signed up, filled out the form and now I have to wait..... ::crickets chirping:: ::Sigh::  But, I can wait....I can....I promise.  :) First I am going to wait to see if I get in, then I'll study my partner really good this time and see what she likes before i purchase any fabric....heck, I might have something in my bins she already loves!  (wouldn't that be cool?) Probably not likely but it's a thought. 

The Pork Chop Swap has been going full force.....I did both groups before Christmas and I have SO MANY charm squares (400 to be exact from both of those, and 200 from the last time I did it!) to use in our next ORBC round 9 with Delores!!  Dee Rocks....and I can't wait to make this quilt.....I have a huge bag of scraps that I will actually be using instead of all the charms I received....check out my bag...it's not organized, but it's full!

This bin is full of small pieces too and I will be using these in the quilt along as well!

Now this is my organized stash of small pieces and charms....

These three stacks...the bottom three in the above picture are what I received from each PORK CHOP SWAP!  Now, I can think of quite a few scrappy patterns....don't you think swapping is fun too? 

I have 600 charms and I am going to make the scrappiest quilt with these stacks this year....stay tuned for that.  :)  Until then, come on over to the ORBC quilt along and join in the fun!

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