02 January 2011

New Years Resolutions and schtuff

I didn't do any sewing today because I spent my morning hanging out with the family downstairs, doing my puzzle and watching my husband finish tightening up the new swing set Santa brought.  I did think about it...for a minute.  :) 

But keeping up with my last post, I am going to make it a habit and in order to form a habit, you have to keep working at it.  I discovered something rather cool.....Triangle Madness!  I have tons of scraps that aren't really worth cutting up for a quilt, since there isn't enough to make a quilt with any of them alone....however, I really love this idea and even though I'm a few weeks behind, I am joining in the fun and using up a lot of my smaller scraps.  You should check it out....seems pretty cool and a really efficient way to get the squares done. 

Tomorrow school starts and I will be free from the kids to sew and just be creative!  I have a pinwheel quilt that I am going to quilt tomorrow.......go here to see it before the quilting. 

Until tomorrow.....happy quilting!

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