20 January 2011

ORBC Round 9 started....

Sewing my Ticker Tape Quilt Along quilt!

Finished the first section. 

Getting ready to sew section two.  I think that instead of one big quilt, I'm going to make two small/baby size quilts.  I have two sections with stars (above) and two with just solid Kona White.  I'm going to do that because I think it would be more fun!  Besides, they will always come in handy as gifts, or if they turn out good enough, I'll put them up on my etsy shop.  Anyway, how is your ticker tape quilt coming along?


  1. I cant tell is it a ragg style? Kinda cool:)

  2. This is fabulous! I haven't started mine yet but have all the fabric collected. You've sooo inspired me :)

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