25 May 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my birthday and my boys wanted a cake. So, I tried a new one...one of those super moist brands that sell the glaze for the top. I made it into a bundt cake and drizzled the chocolate glaze on top. I highly recommend it. :)

Chocolate makes it all better!

So my wonderful, fabulous, supportive husband realized how important my dream was to have a longarm and to make it a business. He and I were talking about it last week and he said let's do it!  *WAHOO* I was completely shocked that he said to go for it. So...I began my search. My wonderful cousin Gina, who is a fabulous longarm quilter (for 25 years now) advised me to buy used first so I was on a mission....USED, NOT OUTRAGEOUS IN PRICE, and USER FRIENDLY.

I must admit, I really wanted a Gammill...........this machine in particular, but I don't have that much money and am not willing to run up that much debt. So, the other brand I  have seen in person and have tried is the HandiQuilter.  So, my search for used machines that had several features I wanted was on!! Both brands were my number one priority. Well, I found one.......**Squeals** and this is the machine I bought! I am so excited to start longarming and I know this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship! Oh, and if you're wondering "Nichol, where in the world are you putting it?" Let's just say that the front living room sofa lost. :)

The machine is mine and I will have it June 12th!!! 

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Now go realize your dreams!!


  1. Happy birthday and congratulations for your new machine!I `m sure you`ll work a lot!!
    Hugs from Brasil.

  2. Happy Birthday! Good for you! I bet you are going to have a great time with your long arm!

  3. Happy birthday!!!! You have picked a wonderful gift for yourself! Can't wait to see what you will make with it! One day you will have to tell the options on the longarm you can't live without! Have fun Nichol!


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