20 May 2011

I spy....

....a custom quilt that is finished!!!  Isn't this the funnest quilt ever? It was a request for a grandbaby and she wanted it to be an I Spy type quilt but with it all crazy! So, this is what I came up with! Now, looking at my pictures I forgot to take a picture of the back, but it's just a fire engine type print. What do you think?

Here is an idea of what the blocks are like.....kind of crazy and fun.

Hope you like it Elizabeth. :)


  1. I love it. I'm going to make an I Spy for GD#3 first birthday so need to get busy.

  2. This is sooo cute, Nichol! Love it!

  3. This is for my nephew! I LOVE it!!! You did a wonderful job :) My mom is raving about it. ;)


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