02 May 2011

let's go fly a kite!

Saturday morning was SO windy....it's always windy here. Our youngest came in and said he really wanted to fly a kite. I looked outside and the palm trees were blowing frantically and I thought to myself "man, it's windy, I don't want to go out" but looked at him and said "OK! Let's go!!" So, we got it in the air and let out all the string and this was his face!

This kite is HUGE! it's taller than he is and it's shaped like an AirForce Jet! Even has a pilot giving you the thumbs up! (Very cool!)

This is  a great angle!

Now, most people would be excited about this but my husband was not satisfied with the height! He wanted MORE! So he went into the garage and got some rope...the wind was crazy....and he added it to the string....

After adding the first rope he wanted to add another one.....here he is adding another rope.

This kite was so high, that I am zoomed in as close as my 18-55mm lens can be....at this point, the original handle is higher then the kite was in the first place. And the wind was so strong it was holding it up even with ROPE added not string!

What did you do this weekend?

1 comment:

  1. My kids were quite impressed at how high it was and then they asked why we weren't out flying a kite.


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