01 May 2011

I'm in!

Okay, I wasn't sure if I should blog about this but I will anyway! :) I have been going back to school now and it has been a crazy year. I was accepted into the Honors Society of Phi Theta Kappa because of my grades! How cool is that?! Friday night was our induction into the Society and I thought, for fun, I would post some pictures that my husband took.

Officially in! :)

Love of my life!

My husband is such a fabulous support! I told him I didn't want to finish school because I'm so old and he said "You are NOT quitting!" Good thing I have him, school was never my favorite thing. :)

Happy Sunday all!


  1. Congratulations! It's hard to juggle the family and school so you should get an extra honor for making the honor society! Way to go Nichol!

  2. Congrats Nichol! All your hard work and juggling a family and school has paid off! You deserve to be honored......kudos to hubby for supporting your dream!

  3. You rock girl. So proud of you!!!!!

  4. Congrats!! now go quilt something!! lol

  5. Congrats! Merely thinking about school with work and family responsibilities gives me the shudders. My hat's off to you!

  6. How wonderful! Congratulations!

    Ann Flowers


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