26 May 2011

Thrifting find for the week...

After realizing that my dream is coming true I have been on cloud 9! While perusing my favorite thrift store I came across this lovely bookshelf! It's made from real wood too, not mdf....and the total cost?


This fabulous buy is going to hold all my thread, fabrics and paperwork for my longarm business.  Isn't this a great looking shelf? And the price makes it better!

and of course my machine that I purchsed....that is really the ultimate thrifting buy! It's the HQ16 with the computer side mount on it. Plus LOTS more.....I can't hardly stand it!

To see the actual one I'm getting go here.


  1. Congrats on your business! I love the bookshelf, looks so expensive and real wood to boot!

  2. How did you find the HQ16? I've been wanting one, but now I see that they are not made anymore, at least not this model.


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