09 August 2011

I LOVE San Francisco!

Last week my wonderful husband and I went to San Francisco to celebrate our 15th Anniversary! We had a sort of second honeymoon if you will, without the children, just the two of us for 4 days! It was so much fun! We almost didn't want to come home! I have to share with you some of my favorite things we saw and did while in this beautiful city! First, I have to tell you that I just LOVE the architecture! You see nothing like this in Las Vegas......anywhere!

We, of course, did the touristy stuff...but really, you can't go to San Francisco and NOT see all the sites! We went to Fisherman's Wharf (our hotel was 2 blocks from there).

China town was so fun! It reminded us of Hong Kong....BIG TIME! Hong Kong would be so fabulous to go back to, but the flight to San Fran is MUCH MUCH shorter! :) The deals weren't quite as good, but it was fun!

White cherries the size of walnuts! Don't they look yummy?

Of course we walked Lombard Street! 29% grade....no problem. Until the next day when we felt it! :)

Aren't we a cute couple? 15 years later and still having fun everyday! Now, don't laugh, but it was cold enough to wear my hat I knitted....in August! (quite a change from LV)

Okay, Haight/Ashbury is a must see in my book! My uncle used to hang out here in the 60's and I have to confess, I was so excited to shop in the Goodwill on this street! I'm a dork, but I found a dress and a sweater from H&M both for a $1.99 each. I love a good deal!

We went to the Golden Gate Park and saw the Picasso exhibit that is visiting from Paris. The museum it belongs to the Musee National Picasso is being remodeled and is being housed in the museum in SF while it is in progress. This exhibit is the largest collection and it was Picasso's personal collection. I've never seen most of these pieces and it was so fabulous! I'm a geek for a great Art Museum!

Of course, the painted ladies were just as beautiful in person as on television. I used to watch Full House so I had to take this picture. We found out the green one on the end (left side) just sold for 4.5Million.

We wandered around the Palace of Fine Arts from the World Fair in 1915. There were originally eight of these buildings, but all were torn down except this one. It was like walking around in Italy, didn't seem like we were in the States for sure.

The last day we were there, the fog lifted enough to see the top of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was surreal seeing this bridge. Walking it was fun and VERY windy and cold!

The fog was coming back....but isnt this a great shot?

Trolley cars!

I just love the style here...I could live in this city!

I didn't see any quilt shops in the city, but then again, I didn't really look that hard.

What did you do this week?


  1. Happy Anniversary! Wonderful photos! Reminded me of scenes in movies and on television shows. ;-)

  2. Great shots - I love San Fran, too. Happy Anniversary, too!

  3. What a wonderful photographer you are! I love all the photos. I love that you got to go and do this with Jared. It looks like you had allot of fun! Love you!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing these great photos!


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