31 August 2011

The Launch of "The Desert Quilter" website!

Happy Wednesday everyone! To start off the month of September which begins in 11 short hours, I am launching the official website of The Desert Quilter. There is still plenty to do on the site, but it's up and running and it's a start. For all my wonderful quilting friends I am offering you a "grand opening" discount.

I am offering to do your quilts with NO loading fee (savings of $40 per quilt) and only the price of the stitching (average .015 cents per sq. inch) if you contact me and get me your quilt top(s) in my hands by the 10th of September! It doesn't matter how many you give me, each quilt saves $40. AND....to top that off, I will complete them within a 2-3 week period! That's right! You will have your quilts back within 1 month (shipping time included in that estimate) just in time for the Holidays which are coming upon us FAST!

So.....head on over to THE DESERT QUILTER or  email me for my phone number and we will talk! I am still working on getting my designs up on the site, but rest assured....I have over 1200 patterns to choose from, so if you're local come on over! If you ship to me...call me and we'll find the perfect design to quilt your lovely masterpiece.

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