03 September 2011

September Savings on Longarm Services

I am afraid that I am once again so overwelmed with stuff going on around here that I haven't taken the time to blog. I am URL-challenged. Let me explain.....I have been working on my website for some time now and followed the directions to point my URL http://thedesertquilter.com to a blog I designed http://thedesertquilter.wordpress.com and for some reason, 2 days later, it's still not connecting. SO.... for any of you who have tried to go on and see all the new pages and information I want to apologize. I am really anxious to get it up and going.

I am still offering the special for anyone who contacts me via email or this blog the discount of $40 (which is the loading fee and batting) for any quilt. You just need to contact me and get me your quilt by the 10th of September. :)

I have over 1200 patterns to choose from, so be comforted that I will have something you want me to use on your quilt. I am sorry for the delay on the blog and hope to have this resolved this weekend. Until then, the September savings are still in place. And as an added bonus, you'll have your finished quilt back within 2-3 weeks! Feel free to email me or call me 702-408-5477

Have a blessed weekend!

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