09 September 2011

Things I love!

I have a long list of things that I love, but to spare you from reading this post for an hour, I am including some of my favorites.

First of all.....I cannot express to you all how much I LOVE rollercoasters. And, in my opinion...the last car is the best!

Flowers.....need I say more.

My fantastic husband!

Desert rain storms and playing outside in them.....

Little boys playing in the mud and having a blast!

Toys that randomly fall where it looks like they died....(this was a random thing too...)

Jumping on the tramp with a sprinkler on a day that is 115 degrees

This fabulous smile and laugh!

The list is long....but sometimes random funny things are just what is needed to lighten my day. Have a fabulous weekend.....next week...my 20th Class Reunion....oh my.

1 comment:

  1. I love roller coasters, too, but I prefer the front seat. The back seat is my second choice. I love the dinosaur picture! It made me laugh.


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