11 September 2011

A surprise for sure!

Well, today is a day we will all remember, mostly because it's the 10th Anniversary of the attack on America. While we were at church we had another storm, but as we arrived home we were so shocked! We got hail in September in Las Vegas! This never happens.....so we documented it.

marble sized balls that were covering our front yard.

Not my church shoes because I didn't want them getting ruined, but this was seriously crazy.

Our backyard.

He's making his own video of the hail...and posting it to his own blog! :)

I just love shorts and rainboots.....

Now this is sheer JOY! You can tell he's never seen snow....at least remembers seeing it.

Love it!

What a crazy day! Happy Sunday to you all! And let's remember all the joy and blessings we all have today and everyday!

1 comment:

  1. What?! It didn't hail at my house, yes even more random?! My Favorite is the dead dinosaur! That needs to be your header :)


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