21 September 2011

I love pretty quilts!

Don't you just love a beautiful quilt? I do and when I get to quilt one it's even better. This lovely quilt I was doing on my longarm has just been completed and was picked up by her owner tonight. The pattern is just gorgeous and I think the flowers she chose was a perfect compliment. I'm still swooning over this piecing.

Here is a full shot of the pattern....isn't it divine?

Next we have one of our humanitarian quilts. All the fabric you see here was donated by several wonderful ladies in cyber quilt land! (thanks again) Since there is such a great need, some of these quilts will go to several locations. I think someone is going to be very happy when they receive this one.

The pattern I chose for it is a waterlily and it is so nice.

More of the quilting up close.

I am having such a great time quilting.....if you want to see more...go HERE!

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