26 September 2011

Addicted to Pinning!

I don't know about you...but I'm totally hooked to Pinterest! It's really a weakness and I'll tell you why. I don't have the patience to look all over the web for projects or styles and coming to Pinterest makes it almost a one stop shop for me.  I find myself pinning and re-pinning and now my list of future projects has just grown to massive proportions and I don't seem to be too bothered with it.  Let me post some photos of some fabulous new finds and you can see why I just can't seem to NOT go to this site daily. There are tons of ways to decorate your home and improve your style! I love the wood planked walls in this one....what do you think?

And aren't these cushions fabulous? Oh I have some fun fabric I could do this with to really spruce things up in my master bedroom and our boring sofas......

Now, when I saw this lampshade I knew it was something I wanted to do! It's painted!! How cool is that? Using stencils to make boring white lampshades look fab! Almost vintagy which is very appealing to me.

But I have to say my favorite part is when I read something super funny or profound and I can save it to go back and use it for my own life or just to get a good laugh....here are a few that I have laughed over or just enjoyed...

This one was i LOVE....we all know somebody who this applies to...whether we admit it or not! HAHAHA

This one I want to make for my Front Door! I could use some of those carmel delights.....

but, since I'm craving those yummy cookies....I also found this! Yep! you guessed it...a recipe to make my own!

But, the most interesting and profound saying I came across this week was the following:

I will gladly keep my own because I know how to deal with my own. have a thoughtful day.....and Happy Monday!


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  2. Oops. Trying again. I want to learn how to do Pinterest. I went to your tutorial page but no info on Pinterest there. I'll try Google. I enjoyed reading your page.

  3. I'm loving Pinterest, too, although I'm just new at it. Your sayings are brilliant - especially the last one!!


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